Monday, May 9, 2011

30.04.11 VVIP celebrate Birthday ♥

Anyeonghaeseyo :) 

Gonna updated about celebrate VVIP birthday at CEO .
Wow~~~Greats,CEO is really cheaper than neway !
If you have student card,there were give you a student price,

Before RM34++,after discount just only 17++ :)

Not just only sing,there also provide Internet for you,so when you are bored can online at there !

There's are some photo for celebrate ,
Milo , Jia Wei , Yuki , Ah cai !

There are so many delicious buffet for us ,

so so so nice !

We are getting high when the moment we sang !

It's time to gone,so say bye bye with CEO,

next time will come again :)


We went to Putrajaya Indah Water for Pendidik Sivik,

What a Fun and Smelly Knowledge !

i love journey with my friend , WEE ;)

Next Blog will be updated my cousin Wedding ! :D

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