Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Im late because of working this few days !
Last Wednesday Going Sing k with Sis and Beloved ! 

Around 1:30 started until 7 pm , crazy isn't ?

But we Enjoy :) 

(I love my hair colour)

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(He's crazy that day , that's why i Love him)

(Buffet Time ! Yummy , Delicious XD )

After finish , we went here !

(I just took this , Cause i love Koren so much ! )

Just awhile stay at there cause going to rain .

Then , we went here AGAIN !! :)

Yea , It's here B-Station !

Happy Wednesday With HIM and Her !

PS:距离还有两个星期就要飞去沙捞越了!我们?又吵架了。 我不知道,我也不想去烦恼那么多了,日子越来越靠近,心情越来越紧张,越来越怕! 原来...原来对我还有距离!原来还是有界线!原来是我想的太简单,太轻松!我还以为我真的可以改变那你对我更加有信任,原来我失败了,而且从来都是我想太多!对不起,我不是你最好的那个,也不是你最爱那个!你可以教我怎样才可以取得你的信任吗? 相信我真的有那么困难?还是我留下了污点永远都没有办法去掉?我不敢想太多了,唯一只是等!冷淡,我不喜欢,请不要靠近我,好吗?现在,我只想要依靠!一个陌生的地方,要我怎样面对,三个月?要怎么过?我只想要好好过完这两个星期!眼泪?是时候要停止流下来了!想哭?真的很想!但我必须要坚强!爱你?我觉得我不会改变!我也不想要改变! 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy 6th Month ! ♥

Its Saturday today , 03.12.11  !

Its My Anniversary Today ! ;D
Happy Sixth Month With Beloved !

We went to Look Out Point ; Hulu Langat  yesterday .

Wow,  There is beautiful scenery and cold weather just like Genting Highland !

There have 5 restaurants , all of the receptionist are very enthusiastic , let me feel so hesitate which is more better :)

Finally .. We choose here ,

Haven ! not bad :)

 Beloved  ♥ 

The place was very suit for couple , romantic environment and some ballad song :)

The best choice for couple !

I think this is the last time celebrate with him before i go Sarawak !
Why did i say that ? Because im going Sarawak for National Service at next month after New Year , Jan 2 !

When my boyfriend help me to checked which batch i get , Thanks God , I was fully get shocked at the moment!
Unluckily , im the first batch and going to sarawak !

Its break all my plan , everything will be delay !
My Anniversary , my dad birthday , my chinese new year , and the most IMPORTANT ! My Birthday, all gonna celebrate alone at there !
All could be attack me , Get MAD ! 

Anyway , I must accept this reality and keep going on my life !

Cheer CHUA WAN YEAN ! :)

Once Again , Happy Sixth Month Beloved  ♥ I Love You