Monday, January 31, 2011

♥ 29&30-01-11

2days combine together . :)


mummy take us go to Kinrara Giant ,cause she wanna talk business back to granma house,

so me and sis went to pizza hut having our tea time,hahaha

 by the next,

we back to granma house :) weeeeeeee ♥

i hate cat,but she's cute,get pregnant

this two guy already eat so many fried chicken

suddenly,i very love LG phone cause it made from KOREAN .  


wake up untill now raining non stop,clod weather ,hmmm....

at first,im date with yuki today,

but raining and want to help mummy to do something so cant shopping with her,Biyan yuki Sii.. :(

Btw,mummy and daddy go with us ..

mummy,me,and sis went to shopping,

daddy and the youngest watch movie (GREAT DAY)

she testing  inside Mango fitting room :)

mummy and sis :)

and me :) testing !!

when dinner,went to sg having our dinner ,

daddy body get recover,fit than before . :)

THE LAST,i have buy some cosmetic from STAGE,

all of that just only RM18, :)

GONG XI FA CAI to every one 

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